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Welcome to YogaCrossroads - Unique, boutique, with classes available in person or virtually. We’re here, now, and just for you. Visit the Class/Workshop page, updated through July 2022.
We offer virtual yoga classes and private lessons. In-person yoga classes and private lessons are also available (Brooksville FL location). On July 11th, we’ll be hosting a special class - Fascinating Fascia, Exploring the Hips - in Placitas New Mexico, with virtual attendance options available. You can learn more about yoga here, and about our yoga and wellness teachers here. Visit the Yoga Resources page for a source of sequences, articles, yoga links. Here are 10 Reasons to Practice Yoga for Life. To make an inquiry, or ask a question, contact us via email. We hope to see you in class or at a workshop soon. OM Shanti, Deborah Gullo A Thought for Today