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Need to just say hello, find out more about our regular in-person and online classes, speak to a teacher about yoga, inquire about the content of our in-person and online classes, find out what’s coming up in a workshop or at a future retreat? We want you to know we’re accessible, just as your yoga practice is accessible to you. So reach out via Email to Phone call to 505-980-4473 (if you reach vm, please leave your name, number and brief message so we can get back to you soonest Text to 505-980-4473 If you’d like to set aside a time to meet face to face about something specific related to classes or your practice, please initiate contact using one of the above means to begin a conversation. If the website is unresponsive or difficult to work with, please email with some specifics about the problem so we can get back to you and so we can fix the problem!
Contacts 505.980.4473
© 2009-2023 YogaCrossroads, All Rights Reserved
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